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Aouro: The seamless clothing
brand of the future

The textile industry must adapt to the transformation of lifestyles and the changing codes of urban mobility.

New generation
of clothing

In 2016, TOPTEX CUBE launched the AOURO project, an innovative Made in France brand of technical clothing for everyday mixed use, both urban and adventure.

By respecting the properties of the materials, the functionalities and the use, we go to the essentials of clothing. The use of new manufacturing technologies allows us to create a new style, a refined, efficient and practical product. Designed, developed and manufactured in France, we want to offer an innovative and eco-responsible alternative to our customers: a direct link between producer and user.

New generation of clothing
Creation made in france

made in france

Seamless textile


Water repellent and waterproof

Water repellent and

Refined design


Repairable clothing


Be part of
the textile revolution!

Designed for a new generation of active city dwellers, with multiple talents and lifestyles, our collection will meet all your daily requirements and will accompany you everywhere: in the city, by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside…