TOPTEX Cube, the ethical
and intelligent textile evolution

Technological innovation at the service of changing lifestyles and consumption

Go to the essentials of the product for an avant-garde style

At the same time simple, refined and ultra contemporary, our philosophy is to return to the essence of the materials and the function of each object. A requirement that is accompanied by great care where the product is at the service of the well-being of the person who wears it.

Whether we fashion technical or lifestyle clothing, luggage, objects and accessories,our technologies open up the range of possibilities to guide us in this direction.

As a guarantee of quality and trust, Toptex Cube products are a natural choice for major players in the luxury industry, sports and the medical sector.

Go to the essentials of the product for an avant-garde style

Adapt to changing lifestyles

Our society is evolving, our lifestyles are changing, between social and professional hyperactivity, changing consumption patterns, changing codes of urban mobility.
And to match all these developments, the textile industry must adapt.

We support textile manufacturers and brands in their innovation projects from idea to production, by providing our expertise, our skills and our material resources, on several themes:

  • Integration of new features fonctionnalités
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Performance and technicality
  • Industrial efficiency
Adapt to changing lifestyles

The circular economy
as a matter of course

Designed and developed in France, manufactured in France or Tunisia in our 2 Toptexcube production sites, our confections mark a renewal in the world of textiles, an eco-responsible alternative responding to three major concerns: economic / ecological / eco-citizen.

  • Selection of our components and partners according to our criteria: technicality / quality / respect for the environment
  • Local manufacturing, designed and sized to make innovative products
  • 2 activity sites for industrial tools guaranteeing our textile production
The circular economy as a matter of course

Keep technical properties
and inherent performances of textiles

Fewer integrated components than in traditional clothing, facilitating sorting, therefore reuse or recycling.
Choix des matières
Selection of textile materials for a confection with optimal qualities.
Creativity and ergonomics are no longer limited in textile design
From idea to finished product, our environmental impact is reduced.

Listen and live
our clients’ projects

Our team accompanies you at each stage of production : from the initial idea to the completion of the project. Above all, we are passionate people. We are involved on a daily basis with high standards in all our actions.

A development project is initiated by a need, a use or a product, it then follows a development cycle on the materials and the product, the production of specific tools, the prototyping phases, until the launch in production.

At each of these stages, we intervene to answer your specific requests on key manufacturing points.

Listen and live our clients' projects
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